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Adamantius mentioned in reply to Maire:
<<< Somewhere I've got a copy of the receipt book of Giulielma [Mrs.
William] Penn, dated roughly 1690, if I remember correctly, and her
recipe for oatcakes involves fine oatmeal soaked overnight in spring
water to make a batter. It seems to be the closest near-period, actual
recipe approximating Froissart's description (14th century?) of
Scottish soldiers making oatcakes on a stone in the field. >>>

I'm not sure if oatcakes were one of those simple things that  
everyone knew how to cook, or whether they were too 'low class' to  
make it into the period cookbooks, but there seems to be very little  
info on them.

What little I've collected from this list and elsewhere over the  
years can be found in this file in the FOOD-BREADS section of the  

oakcakes-msg      (20K)  3/26/06    Period oatcakes.

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