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I combine water, salt, and oats. Let them soak for some hours. Then 
fry as thin cakes in a dry frying pan.

I should see how it works with butter or oil in the pan, but I was 
trying to reconstruct something consistent with Froissart's 
description, and I didn't think scottish troopers could rely on 
having perishable fats with them.

>Do you soak the oats first?
>I had some oat bread at a potluck last week that was quite interesting.
>Modern recipe, but still good.  Apparently, instead of mixing the dry oats
>into the dough, one starts by cooking them, just like oatmeal....
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>>  I also made oatcakes another night. That's something I had been
>>  planning to do at Pennsic for years. They are about the simplest
>>  possible bread-like plausibly period thing, requiring only coarse
>>  ground oats, salt, water, a fire and a frying pan. Not the world's
>>  tastiest dish, but not bad.
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