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Thank you for this reply, Niccolo-I agree that both the majority and 
minority interests need to be protected; why should other children be denied 
because of my child's issues? That isn't fair. SOunds like a typical CYA 
bureaucratic response, perhaps. But the comment about putting all the 
allergic kids in a room and feeding them peanuts was just hateful.
At 6, Margaret understands that she can't eat peanuts, and they make her 
sick, and she remembers getting the shot in her leg and going to the 
emergency room last year. In a few years, she will be old enough to 
administer her own Epi-Pen.
I have no idea if they do it, but it would seem to me reasonable to have all 
people who work with kids get some basic first aid training, including how 
to recognize allergic reactions. You don't know you have an allergy until 
you have a reaction, after all, and I worry about all those other kids out 
there who have more severe allergies and just don't know about it. Or all 
the other people who have allergies and may or may not know about it, which 
is why we always had ingredients lists and recipes available when we did 
feasts. Personally, I dislike "secret ingredients" and "secret recipes" 
anyway, that's a temperament thing. As parents, we have to be eternally 
vigilant, that's in the job description, and it goes without saying that as 
cooks we don't want to make our people sick either (well, everyone on this 
list is perfectly well aware of proper food handling practices, and I'm sure 
everyone on this list also has stories about getting sick when these weren't 
properly followed, but that's another issue). But, if we in the SCA banned 
everything that people were allergic to, it would be a pretty boring feast.
So, thanks for letting me rattle on. Take care, be well, and if it's not 
fun, quit doing it! (;-)
Isabella de la Gryffin

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.
Frank Zappa

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like 
administering medicine to the dead.
Thomas Paine
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> But why would people be so hostile to a not terribly unreasonable public
> health issue? Are they that selfish and unsympathetic? This is an honest
> question, I just don't get it. It's not about bad life choices that 
> children
> have made or about bad parenting, it's just something that happens, and 
> last
> I heard they had no idea why peanut allergies have skyrocketed. We are 
> lucky
> that our girl's allergy is only moderate, there are much more severe ones
> out there. Eating a peanut butter sandwich and breathing on someone can
> trigger it.    Seeking Enlightenment,   Isabella   > > > > > > >
> I suspect that it is the global resolution of a relatively localized
> problem.  Simple avoidance is not a solution so much as an avoidance of
> liability.  It lacks creativity and lacks integrity.  Everyone is denied
> because of the needs of the few . . . it is seldom a successful policy
> except as a short term attempt to modify behaviors (like in basic training
> situation in military).  As one of the parents of an allergic child 
> stated:
> Banning peanuts, she said, "is not teaching children how to grow up in the
> real world."
> I see both sides, and tend toward finding a real world solution for 
> everyone
> to be able to get their needs and wants met safely.  Find a solution with
> both the majority the minority interests being protected.
> niccolo difrancesco
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