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Uhmm Ok in reality we are in total agreement.  I just don't see anything being done to change it. 

It seems to be the only thing the administration understands. 

But I will always take suggestions. 

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> Maybe 13 out of 1,000 children (1997, JAMA) will have a significant peanut 
> allergy . . . so the 9,987 children without said allergy are put into a 
> situation of "food quarantine" for the solution of protecting the 13. I 
> again find it lacking in creativity, motivation and/or ANY consideration of 
> the overwhelming majority of people who are not affected by this condition. 
> Certainly there are other options than a "zero tolerance" edict that is 
> lobbied, demanded and nearly extorted by some of the parents/families of 
> these children who have this very serious and very dangerous condition. 
> A society or sub-society that wields such absolute power in decision-making 
> has a real possibility of unhniging the vast power of the majority to 
> innovate and generate new, powerful solutions to such problems. Fear of 
> litigation drives so much policy in large social institutions that liability 
> insurance and enforcement resources drain from the R&D resource pool of $$$ 
> and motivation. I am in favor of finding a way to protect the vulnerable 
> few . . . and at the same time considering the majority. I don't mean to be 
> anti-draconian, or insensitive but if sequestration of the child from all 
> peanut contact (including magazine pictures) is the only solution for safety 
> of a given child, then perhaps home-schooling would be an appropriate 
> response until the sensitivity abates to a more survivable level, or a 
> better solution is developed??? 
> pacem et peanut, 
> niccolo difrancesco 
> (I know I am treading in political waters, and working to stay respectful 
> and gentle in the conversation) 
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