[Sca-cooks] List Admin needs tech help

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Aug 14 10:06:15 PDT 2008

Michael Gunter wrote:

> > Brunch with Deb Duchon
>Sigh....okay that was a bit unnecessary. Now that will
>appear twice in all the archives that she wishes
---------------- End original message. ---------------------

It seemed pretty innocuous to me, might I ask why she wishes it 
removed? Is it because of discussion of her plans for various projects?

And really folks, this is exactly why this entire discussion should 
have been conducted OFF LIST after the initial request for help. 
Gunthar has already determined that he cannot do what needs to be 
done to remove the posts as he does not have shell access to the 
server and must go through somebody else who does.

PLEASE think before posting.


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