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<<While I'm sure  
people burn themselves and even catch  fire over their stoves today,  
sometimes even burning the house down,  but I don't think we see quite  
as many coroner's reports stating that  the cause of death was "falling  
into the fire" as we used to in the  18th and 19th centuries, and  
Considering how few people have functional fireplaces in their homes today,  
and how comparatively rarely those are used compared with historic times, it  
should hardly be surprising that we see far fewer reports of "death by falling 
 in the fire".  The opportunity to do so simply doesn't exist as frequently  
as it used to.
Having had to guard an inebriated guest in our camp from falling into our  
firepit at Pennsic this year, I was quite afraid that we might end up with a  
perfectly period incident of the sort...An awful lot of the period reports  
mention that either the person who died or, in the case of a child, the person  
minding them, was drunk at the time of the incident.  Not to imply that all  of 
them were, of course.
Brangwayna Morgan

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