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Wed Aug 20 10:17:47 PDT 2008

Thank you.

I guess to me bland and vile don't equate. Most of the time I cook rice any
flavoring treatment to the rice is what I taste and not the rice itself.

As to the pre-cooking, makes sense. In the situation I was at Pennsic this
year, I didn't have the opportunity plan my menu until after I got on site.

On a personal note, I was always surprised when people choose to cook
Minute Rice at home for every day use since cooking rice on the stove top
is very easy. However, it seemed to me to have a pratical application for
cooking rice for large numbers of people.

Consider my suggestion withdrawn from the discussion.


On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 12:09:44 -0500,  wrote:
>> It did come in handy for camp cooking for 20+ people when
>> I had no oven and only a coleman stove. I wanted to avoid scorching the
>> rice on the stove even at the lowest flame I could get. I certainly
> don't
>> like the tasted of burnt rice.
>> I thought it to be a reasonable option.
> It's not too bad if cooked in a good chicken stock or some
> type of flavored broth or water. But there are better options.
> If you wish to aviod the burning of rice there are a couple of things
> you can do when camping.
> First is pre-cook the rice and seal. Then drop the bag of cooked
> rice into hot water. No mess.
> If you must use a pre-packaged rice then I suggest "Uncle Ben's
> Boil-In-Bags". In taste tests it has scored the highest and is
> very good and convenient. There is also much less cleanup
> than cooking rice in a pot. Personally, I hate scrubbing pots 
> when camping. 
>> Is there something odd about the Minute Rice that I just don't taste?
> There is very little rice flavor in Minute Rice. More of a processed
> cardboard taste. And the texture is way off. There are much
> better choices out there currently. 
>> Euriol
> Yers,
> Gunthar
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