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Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Wed Aug 20 16:04:52 PDT 2008

Lilinah wrote:

>> At an event where there's lunch served, I get some chocolate and other
>> snacks and some cold drinks.  At events where lunch is not served, I get
>> some bread, cold cuts, cheese, fruit, etc., for lunch.  It comes out of
>> the feast budget.
> Yeah, but we don't have events with lunch served. And until i was 
> inspired to do dayboards at our twice yearly principality wars, there 
> was no food there beyond what people brought themselves, and often the 
> fighters would drive off in mid-war to get fast food.

We don't have many where there's lunch served, either-- really only at 
weekend/overnight events, and that's 1-2 per year.  For most feasts that 
I've done, I've come up with some form of lunch.

> Now that i don't have a car, i won't be cooking for the war in 
> September, since i can't get there. I sure hope the city gives me 
> enough to get another car before our spring events begin. I know they 
> won't process my claim this fall or winter. Well, anyway...

I've actually _never_ owned a car, and I don't drive. 

> Our feasts are generally just dinner, but we cooks (or at least, me, 
> as Head Cook) are often in the kitchen from 8 AM until 10 PM or later. 
> So we need a lunch.
> I'll have to talk to other cooks and some exchequers and see if 
> there's any precedent. I've helped in others' kitchens (10 AM to 10 or 
> 11 PM), and i don't recall being fed lunch, but i expected that. And 
> when we were, it came out of the Head Cook's own pocket.
> I know when i first started cooking, i was told the kitchen crew 
> didn't get to eat the feast unless they paid full price for it. That 
> seemed extreme to me, given how much hard work they were doing. I 
> eventually negotiated so that those who really put in a full day of 
> work got reimbursed.
> I know when i'm Head Cook i can't really eat the feast, but i may need 
> a little food during the day. As far as hydration goes, I just drink 
> tap water.

I absolutely agree-- kitchen helpers need to eat, and you shouldn't pay 
for feasts that you aren't really eating or events that you aren't 
really attending. Head Cooks should not be expected to end up out of 
pocket for basic items.  I expect anyone who's needed in the kitchen for 
most or all of the day to pay nothing, and for people who won't be 
seated at the feast not to pay for the meal (even if they do eat some 
food in the kitchen).  _And_ I don't expect reeves (exchequers) to 
micromanage my food purchases!

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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