[Sca-cooks] Brears new book was Boar's Head: Was Kitchen Tips

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Aug 20 17:16:01 PDT 2008

The book wasn't published on schedule so it's not been quite 10 months 
that it has
been out. I had a copy ordered on a special coupon from B&N but they 
the coupon and the copy in one of their famous 'notify us within 24 
hours cancellation emails.'
So I went hunting for an immediate copy and kept at it.
In the end my copy came from Amazon. Let's see--- hardcover purchased
this item on March 20, 2008. It was at a substantial discount at that time.
David Brown by phone had just informed me they might not have it until 
June or July
so I bought it from Amazon. It's currently being offered by Amazon for 

You have to scroll down on Amazon as it's listed twice in their records. 
But they do have copies.
Devra and David Brown also have copies now too. There are also 
discounted and used copies available!

I needed the book ASAP  so I could get the review done for Tournaments 
(The review is in the latest issue of TI.)

My advice is buy it and have fun reading it. Especially if you do 
English cookery.


Elise Fleming wrote:
> Oh, yes... Devra at Poison Pen Press has the book.  Amazon _still_ doesn't
> have it and it's been nearly 10 months.
> Alys Katharine

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