[Sca-cooks] kitchen tips

Beth Ann Bretter ladypeyton at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 07:52:16 PDT 2008

On the one had, I really like the phrase "throw a wobbly"  It's evocative and as an aspiring anglophile it has now been added to my repertoire along with "coudn' be arsed", "pillock", "shirty" and "pants".  In fact the Brit slang glossary presented at the BBC's Skins webpage here: http://bbcamerica.com/content/328/glossary.jsp is one of my favorite time wasting destinations on the web.

That said, I'm not so sure that throwing people who are afraid to try medieval cuisine out of the feast hall is either a wise or appropriate reaction.  Instead I tend to feel pity for their lack of culinary adventure.  Throwing them out of the feast hall or making any other kind of scene is not going to inspire them, to try period cuisine any time in the near future.  It will also not inspire a great deal of sympathy from peope who witness the cooks intolerance of another person's eating habits.

IMO, it's bad a bad marketing decision all around. People are either adventuresome or not.  Patience and encouragement are much more effective actions to take than causing a scene.



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