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I usually carry two or three oven thermometers in my kit to test oven
temperatures to see how well the ovens are calibrated.  Three thermometers
lets you check the thermometers against each other.  If you seriously need
ovens, you really want to know what the oven temperature is.
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- have a "second" who is intimately familiar with your menu and procedures
who can fill in when you get pneumonia or arrested for something.

- 2 gallon beverage coolers can be used effectivley to hot hold and dispense
smooth sauces

- you can NEVER have enough pairs of tongs in the kitchen

- have a box of cornstarch for medical use.  Chaffing from sweaty clthes is
agonizing, but the cornstarch can keep a volunteer or cook going another
couple hours.

- Freeze portions of your beverage of choice ahead of the even in gallon
bags.  Use it as Ice for your bulk beverage holdiong without diluting . . .
can can be done with short cyinders of frozen beverage and pitchers.

- consider getting an account with a foodservice vendor USFoodservice where
you can buy prepped veggies (diced, sliced) when labor is at a premium.

niccolo difrancesco

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