[Sca-cooks] Cooks paying site fees

Laureen Hart lhart at graycomputer.com
Thu Aug 21 12:17:07 PDT 2008

i was once told my crew had to pay site fee!  imagine! 
 and you can image the steam coming out of my ears as i 
hunted down that autocrat (not the usual husband and 
myself doing an event, but another gent).

they got their money back. ;)


These days in Madrone (An Tir) the kitchen is supposed to pay the site fee,
and the non member surcharge.
I go to very few events anymore, and that has limited my attendance even
As my SCA activity declined, I continued to enjoy working in the kitchen. I
would spend anywhere from 3 hours to the whole event to help out our
Culinary Guild. I would rarely even go into the hall. The autocrats used to
just ignore us stealth workers, not any more... 

I don't have a problem working for free (duh!), I could even pay the site
fee and not choke too much. But, adding the non member surcharge on top of
it is the drop that overflows the soup pot. Paying $13 to $19, or more, to
work seems crazy. 

I can recognize that many, many people work to make an event happen. I have
autocrated Kingdom level events and been a kitchen head as well as been the
mop girl, dishwasher, and pretty much anything that needs doing. I joined
the SCA at 18 and will be 51 at the end of August, I have seen a lot of
changes and I know that it is economically more challenging to put on any
event. But alienating workers doesn't seem like the way to continue to get
experienced help. I can also see that some people have gone to an event,
spent the whole day doing the event things, popped into the kitchen for an
hour and expected to get in the event free 'cause they helped... It is a
hard thing to see all the sides of.

Randell Raye


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