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There was one feast I did end up walking out on... and it had nothing to do
with the cook. When I arrived at the event there was no seating chart
available to secure a seat for me, my lord and my two sons. At no time
during the event did I ever hear that one was made available (i.e. no
annoucement). An annoucement was made for people to take their seats and
the food was starting to go out... I had no seats. There was no two seats
available together. (It was at this time that I discovered a seating chart
and come out sometime during the event). I wasn't about to disrupt
everything as food was already being served just so I could get seated with
my children. My children were quite hungry... so we all left and had dinner
at a restaurant. Part of the irony of that day was my eldest son helped to
cook in the kitchen.

So there are a couple of tips for cooks/autocrats. Make sure that however
the seating is to be arranged, that it is all squared away before people
need to be in their seats for the feast.


On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 17:16:49 -0400,  wrote:
> But in that long ago case, if the cooks had done their job and gotten 
> the food
> served and on the table, there would not have been the necessity to 
> order pizza.
> People get up and walk out of feasts all the time. Does that insult the 
> cook too?
> Johnnae
> Antonia Calvo wrote:
>> So far, I've found exactly two.  One was direct rudeness to the cook, 
>> and one was ordering pizza during a feast.  Those are pretty insulting.
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