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On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 18:26:49 -0400
  "Barbara Benson" <voxeight at gmail.com> wrote:
>> cailte> the original recipe can be found out
>> http://home.comcast.net/~iasmin/mkcc/MKCCfiles/AFeastAtCarrickFergus.html
> That link is busted - :(.
> Could you give me an idea what it was based on 
> period/manuscript or anything of the sort?

sorry.  i did print it out a while ago.  i just so 
happended to have my recipe book w/ me as i was preparing 
a class for this weekend "follow that feast", for the 
curious potential feast steward.

the scenario was an early irish feast as i recall.  there 
is a lot of congecture with the early period food, much 
based on what is available locally at the time and what is 
left in writings other than recipes.

the original recipe was a double crust pie.   it was 
salmon, cheese, and saffron.  that recipe called for white 
cheddar or a stronger cheese.  very basic.

i added the mustard seed because it would have been 
available, and also added a bit of texture (as does onion 
and celery).

i am sorry it is busted. it was a great source for early 
period ideas and recipes.

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