[Sca-cooks] King/insult? was: Cooks within the SCA

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Thu Aug 21 15:42:59 PDT 2008

Then he should have been informed of his being rude, insulting and
I still believe that there is a possibility of miscommunication. I have seen
incidents where the stress levels and multiple goings on affect attitudes
and communications which get mixed up in the process.
We may all speak English but we don't always speak the same English. :)
Think I would, after calming down a bit so I don't cook his sausage, would
have approached the man (when possible) and have talked to him just to make
sure that I understood him correctly. But that is me.


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I appreciate your trying to attribute a positive reason for his rudeness,
but that was not the case.  What I didn't say was that he did indicate that
he stayed only so that he could serve high table.  He also stated that this
held true for his entire household.  His entire attitude and tone of voice
indicated that his feelings were far from being altruistic.



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