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euriol wrote:
>The thing is I'm not a big "seafood" lover. I'll usually eat beef, pork or
>chicken over any type of seafood. A few years back I was involved in a
>"virtual feast" where each of the participants posted a recipe for a
>particular dish. I was given the seafood dish since I was the only one who
>really served seafood at a feast.

That was fun, that virtual feast that we did on the west-cooks list 
back in Nov-Dec 2004 - i assume that's the one you mean.

I, too, served fish at feasts twice before we did the Virtual Feast. 
I served a Catalan recipe using salmon - in a bitter orange sauce 
with raisins, herbs, & spices - for the Mediterranean Tour feast, and 
fresh tuna - very small amounts, 'cuz it's expensive, in a date sauce 
- at my Greco-Roman feast.

For those who weren't there... we didn't really cook anything as a 
group, we just contributed recipes - one course at a time - for a 
total of eleven courses. By that last few courses, there were not too 
many contributions - but, then this began a week or so before US 
Thanksgiving and ended shortly before Christmas, although some folks 
were still contributing recipes well into January.

As for serving fish at feasts, I'd say the West Kingdom is pretty 
fish friendly.
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