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I got a really great price on tuna for a feast one time...oh, it was such
gorgeous tuna!!!  Couldn't bear to do too much to it, so we cut it up into
steaks, grilled it over charcoal and served it with a bitter orange sauce.
The recipe came from Martino, as translated by Vincent Cuenca (not sure if
he's still on this list but he used to be... Folks LOVED it...many said that
they didn't normally eat fish, but that this was totally different from
anything they had ever had.

The recipe as I used it follows:

*Libro de Cozina of Master Ruperto de Nola*, translated by Vincent F. Cuenca
Grilled Tuna

Take a piece of tuna from the part near the belly and clean it; and baste it
with oil, and brush also the grill and set it to roast over a few coals; and
baste them from time to time with oil and then prepare its light sauce with
water and salt and oil, and bitter orange juice and pepper and all the good
herbs torn up or chopped fine:  and when they wish to eat place our fish on
the plate and pour the sauce over it; and if you wish to make another sauce,
like for arugula or another it should be as you wish.

10 # Tuna
Olive Oil
Bitter orange juice (thin oj with white wine vinegar)
Tarragon, chopped fine
Cilantro, chopped fine

Brush tuna steaks with olive oil, then grill, basting from time to time with


Mix oil, water, salt, orange juice, white wine vinegar, pepper, tarragon and
cilantro.  Serve on the side with tuna steaks.


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> Lilinah wrote:
>  I, too, served fish at feasts twice before we did the Virtual Feast. I
>> served a Catalan recipe using salmon - in a bitter orange sauce with
>> raisins, herbs, & spices - for the Mediterranean Tour feast, and fresh tuna
>> - very small amounts, 'cuz it's expensive, in a date sauce - at my
>> Greco-Roman feast.
> The salmon sounds yum!  I did an interpretation of Platina's tuna (with
> oil, honey, and spices) , and ended up wishing I'd had more to spend at the
> fishmonger's.
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