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I know that the local exchequer handbook recommends that any complimentary
site & feasts fees be noted in the groups financial policy. We have done
this in our own barony in the past year. Our barony policy has it that
Royalty is comp'd for both site & feast costs. The baron/ess is only comp'd
for site fee. We plan to put in a clause for visiting Royalty since our
Barony lies on the border of the East Kingdom. There is a clause in there
that allows for additional discretion for complimentary site & feast fees
which we used at a couple of our events this year because we did have
visiting Royalty from the East Kingdom.

When I was still out West there was a Lord that I would pay for his feast
and he would do scullery in the kitchen for me. He didn't have much in the
ways of means to afford both site fee & feast costs, so this was a win-win
situation for both of us. He got to enjoy the feast, and I had someone I
could depend on who did an amazing job cleaning dishes.

I also plan for a little extra food from the feast to be held back for the
kitchen staff to enjoy and then I try to remember to bring in extra little
goodies for people to snack on. Since most of the events out here have a
buffet lunch that is part of the site fee, the kitchen staff usually enjoys
that as well.


On Fri, 22 Aug 2008 07:21:44 -0600,  wrote:
> It's nice, isn't it, that our SCA structure is flexible enough to allow
> to shift practices to suit local/regional needs?
> I don't know that we exactly trade scullery work here (although I know
> what 
> you mean), but there are people some of us sort of...informally help out,
> by 
> anonymously paying site/feast fee.  Grunt work is just done by 
> volunteers--we have a 20-year old tradition, thank goodness, of the cooks

> not being expected to clean up, for instance.  (Although we sometimes 
> do....)
> Our current baron and baroness opt to pay fees, but it was their choice. 
> I 
> do, definitely, think it's classy.  But then, I'm a huge fan of classy 
> behavior, wherever I see it.  I'd much rather focus on the gems in my
> than the jerks!
> --Maire
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