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Sat Aug 23 10:28:04 PDT 2008

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I have never walked out on a feast, but I have to admit that there was
one particularly bad feast where I had to send out. I did not send out
for pizza or the like, but I had my Lord go outside to where the
"Below the Salt" offering was being served. He purchased a plate of
grilled chicken and surreptitiously brought it in so that we could
have something to eat.  > > > > > > > > >

I think I would take a different viewpoint if someone did this at a feast I
prepared.  I would be personally horrified if a large number of people felt
compelled to order take-out at my meal.  I would definitely feel that I had
failed in my hospitality duties to provide a meal that is sufficient in
variety, plenty and timing to satisfy my guests.  I'm certain I would be
appropriately indignant if some "snooty-tooty" ordered delivery pizza and
made a big show of it in the hall . . . but then, I would think others would
be inclined to be more offended by the action than I would.  Sure, everyone
has personal tastes that I will not always please.  It is more likely I'd
feel guilty at not making a general, random, non-celecbrity guest satisfied.
I would try to remember to ask the servers continuously if anyone is having
a lousy time or unhappy about the food (I troll the hall as well myself).
Been many years ago that I did a feast/feed, and only one that I really got
steamed over, and that was  local official being an ass to me personally . .
. not the exact same, I guess.

Being an ass towards me is nothing I would find anything near new . . . it
has happened in my life so often that it is not a traumatic event for me.
Had real asses and inconsiderate boobs appear over and again when I was
feeding people.  I know others have different reactions than I do . . . I
think that is part of the glory of different cuisines.  They represent and
flow from each cook's personality and character.  My "cook-fu" is pretty
strong, personally.

niccolo difrancesco

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