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Here are a couple of soups from the chapter on soups in the Ryori
Monogotari.  The translation is by Joshua Badgley from a copy that Dame
Hauviette d'Anjou acquired from the V&A Museum.   Probably the second one is
more along the lines of what your son would want to make...if you can't find
carp, you could probably substitute another type of fish.  Having never
eaten carp, I'm not sure what would be a reasonable substitute.  Most of the
ingredients can be obtained at a good oriental grocery store or online.  The
only one I'm not sure about is the sake salt.

Hope this helps....


¡¤        Start with a clear broth of *konbu* *dashi* [*dashi* made with *
konbu* as well as *katsuo*?].  *Konbu* and *ogo* [type of seaweed] can also
be put in as *zouni* *mochi* [*zouni* *mochi* is usually the steamed *mochi*in
*oden*, but I'm unsure what they mean here.  It could be that you are
supposed to put in *mochi*, however, and I'm just not reading it right].  Then
add the *hara wata *(stomach entrails). It is also prepared as a thin *miso*(

6.    FUNA NO SHIRU õV¤ÎÖ­ (Carp Broth)

¡¤        Use a higher, rather than middling, *miso* and add *dashi*.  Wrap
the *funa* in *wakame* (type of seaweed) or *kajime* (?) and boil it.  When
the *umami *flavor is light, add *suri**katsuo* (ground* katsuo*).  However
you do it, bring the *miso* to the start of a boil, like *dashi*.  Boil it
well and pour in *sakeshio* [*sake* salt: Cooking *sake* for bringing out
flavors in boiled foods]. The final seasoning is *sanshou* (Japanese
pepper).  [Kiri's note:  kajime is a type of brown algae, umami refers to
the savory taste, dashi is a broth made from seaweed]

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> Your Grace!
> Greetings from Solveig!
>  I believe there are some period soups in _Soup for the Qan_, but I don't
>> know if any of them used seaweed.
> I have a copy of a Southern Ch¨¢o Dynasty (420-589) cookbook which has a
> number or rather interesting
> recipes in it. I do not recall whether it has seaweed based soup recipes in
> it. I just wanted to mention that
> we can do rather earlier than the Yuan Dynasty.
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