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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Mon Aug 25 09:37:20 PDT 2008

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius did speak thusly:

>The nibs I've got on hand in the freezer don't seem very gritty to me.
>Perhaps there's a crunch from the outer husk or shell portions, but it
>never seemed like a big issue for me; but then I've been known to eat
>coffee beans, too, so perhaps my bar for informed tolerance of
>otherwise-perceived-as-unpleasant things is set at a different height.
>To me, the mouth feel is quite similar to that of chopped macadamia or
>Brazil nuts.
>Similarly, they also don't seem very bitter to me; from what I can
>tell, they've got enough fat in them that the mouth gets somewhat
>coated, and the worst of the bitterness doesn't get through. I'd
>describe the sensation as more "unexpectedly not sweet" than bitter,
>and as most of our sense of taste is in fact an offshoot of our sense
>of smell, it's not surprising that something so aromatic should have a
>flavor of something besides alkaloids.
>It almost sounds as if you're describing Dutch-processed cocoa.
>But viva la difference and all like that...
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Well, it could be a matter of roasting level too.

I suspect that the ones I had tasted were roasted toward the far end 
of the spectrum which would I think accentuate the gritty and bitter aspects.

I do intend to try them again, it wasn't an unpleasant sensation, 
just not what most folks think when they think chocolate.


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