[Sca-cooks] fish at feasts

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 25 12:17:29 PDT 2008

>> I've served pickled whiting, baked whiting and fried
>> whiting and been
>> pleasantly surprised when they disappeared.  I've also
>> served salmon, smoked
>> and poached, without problem,
> I have been told time and again that I just "can't" serve fish or lamb at 
> a SCA feast. That it will not be recieved well here in CAID. I KNOW that 
> it SHOULD be eaten, that it was extremely period, and that lamb/mutton and 
> various fish made up the major protein elements of the period diet in many 
> cultures, BUT, I am loathe to argue with the powers that be. Especially at 
> todays prices. Now if I can only get them to eat goat!!
> Lothar

No one tells me what I can or can not serve at a feast.  I ask it there is 
any particular theme, period or locale for the event or feast and work from 
there.  I provide a menu, a budget, a hall plan and schedule and a pricing 
plan with comps, break even points, etc.  But once it is agreed that my plan 
is to be executed, I have total control.  I will consider changes and 
requests, but I have the final say.  Draconian, perhaps, but I've found the 
method the best way to insure the success fo the feast.

Presumably, you can't serve fish at Ansteorran feast.  If it is properly 
prepared and served, I've not had any problem.  Served as a dish in a 
diversified meal, most people enjoy it and those who don't can avoid it 
without starving.  If you want to get a feel for how fish will be received, 
pair off a small portion of fish with a beef or chicken course.

Find some recipes for lamb and goat and test them on some of the locals.  If 
they go over well, add them to a feast.  I've had both lamb and goat at SCA 
feasts.  If they are prepared properly, they have been well received.


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