[Sca-cooks] fish at feasts

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 25 19:22:58 PDT 2008

> Terry Decker wrote:
>> No one tells me what I can or can not serve at a feast.  I ask it there 
>> is any particular theme, period or locale for the event or feast and work 
>> from there.  I provide a menu, a budget, a hall plan and schedule and a 
>> pricing plan with comps, break even points, etc.  But once it is agreed 
>> that my plan is to be executed, I have total control.  I will consider 
>> changes and requests, but I have the final say.  Draconian, perhaps, but 
>> I've found the method the best way to insure the success fo the feast.
> *sigh*  You're my hero, Bear.
> Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

I'm always pleased to be found Homeric rather than arrogant.

The flip-side of taking total control is I'm responsible for all faults, 
flaws and failures.  I have the attitude because I'm something of a control 
freak when it's my responsibility and reputation on the line.  I get away 
with the attitude because I'm good enough to do the job and lucky enough to 
be successful.  I provide all the information I can up front, so that 
everyone knows what I'm planning and can thoroughly evaluate my plan.   If 
there are any disagreements, I want them settled long before we get to the 


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