[Sca-cooks] lamb at feast (was: fish at feast)

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Tue Aug 26 09:19:44 PDT 2008

I can sort of understand not serving fish at a feast.  I *personally* have no 
gripe about fish.  I like fish.  Any kind of fish.  I'm doing a fish 
redaction for our baronial A&S event next month and am playing with using different 
fishes from the culture to find the tastiest combo of ingredients.

But, what's the problem with serving lamb at feast?  Here in Dragonsspine, 
Mistress Elaina served a lamb dish that was absolutely scrumptious.  It was 
called Tharida of Lamb, IIRC.  I don't think there was much left over to go back 
to the kitchens.  (There was at our table, but ONLY because there were only 4 
of us sitting at a table meant for 8.  We wanted to have room for the last 
course.)  Several people really wanted the recipe, but she has not put it in our 
newsletter that I know of.

I've seen lamb come up in other feasts as well that seemed well received.  Is 
it just because of the greasiness factor?

A sus ordenes,
Constanza Marina de Huelva

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> I have been told time and again that I just "can't" serve fish or lamb at a 
> SCA feast. That it will not be recieved well here in CAID. I KNOW that it 
> SHOULD be eaten, that it was extremely period, and that lamb/mutton and various 
> fish made up the major protein elements of the period diet in many cultures, 
> BUT, I am loathe to argue with the powers that be. Especially at todays 
> prices. Now if I can only get them to eat goat!!
> Lothar


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