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Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 09:25:08 PDT 2008

Actually I'm doing quite well...especially as soon as I get my own computer
back from Dell...the keyboard started having problems and, after three
attempts to do it the easy way (send me a new keyboard and expect me to
install it properly...even Geeks on Call couldn't get it to work right!!)

Pennsic went better than usual this year...weather was much better.  Had
lots of fun performing in "Forbidden Pennsic"...saw lots of old friends, a
couple that I hadn't seen in some years.

Not much in the way of work out there...I had my first teaching job since
February the week after  Pennsic, so finances are a little snug.  But I'm
hoping that I'll pick up more.  I'm spending even more time with the
ACS...my sweetie commented that September looks like another ACS month for
me...several meetings, including Lobby Day, a three-day conference in DC of
1 volunteer from each Congressional District in the US that will culminate
in each of us visiting our respective Congressional member and our
Senators.  We're very proud because our own Senator from Maryland won the
National Distinguished Advocacy Award from the ACS because of her leadership
and support on cancer-related issues.

Nothing much else going on.  Hauviette is on the verge of release of her
ebook on Turkish cuisine.  She has asked me to do one final edit of it, so
I'm waiting for the CD to arrive so I can go over it for her.  We're hoping
to go to the Known World Cooks & Bards gathering to introduce it to the SCA
and sell a bunch of them.  I don't think she'll have any trouble selling it
as she has a good reputation for her work both as a cook and with Middle
Eastern culture.  Then, hopefully, she and I are going to spend some time
working on the Ryori Monogotari book.

How are things with you?  How do you like your new house?  Believe me...it
may seem like you have lots of room now, but I've discovered that our SCA
stuff seems to grow to exceed whatever space we have!!

Give my regards to Mercy.  Ask her when she plans to come East for Pennsic!
If she needs a place to camp, I'm sure I can get her into our
encampment...we usually have a couple of escapees from Caid and other places
there...our current B&B originally came from there!

Take care....


On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 12:04 PM, Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Oh wow.  I need to try that next.  Like, there's a war this weekend, I
> wonder if my camp-mates will mind?
> By the way, Mercy has asked about you lately, how are you?  [Baroness
> Asakura Machime aka Mercy the Potter.]
> Selene
> Elaine Koogler wrote:
>> That sounds wonderful.  But have you tried putting coffee beans in the
>> slits...then cooking it the rest of the way as you describe?  Really
>> delicious!
>> Kiri
>> On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 11:31 AM, Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>> Of course, there is no chocolate in the Northern Hemisphere, from
>>> Ghirardelli Square to Hershey, PA to John Cadbury's chocolate shop in
>>> Birmingham.  Nope.
>>> Meanwhile, back on topic:  my best lamb recipe is not from an historical
>>> document but very simple.  Leg of lamb, cut with slits, slits filled with
>>> one-half clove garlic and an equal-sized chunk of candied ginger;
>>>  marinate
>>> in cheap nasty red wine, must be nasty, those tannins degrease and
>>> tenderize
>>> the lamb like nothing else does.  Baste with same while the lamb roasts
>>> until done.  This is a lamb for non-lamb-lovers;  the only one who ever
>>> complained was the boy who was allergic to lamb and did not know it
>>> before
>>> trying and liking this dish.
>>> Selene
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