[Sca-cooks] dish washing

Audrey Bergeron-Morin audreybmorin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 05:59:02 PDT 2008

> dishwasher(s) which pots had food to be kept, which were to be dumped,

Our strategy is usally to put all leftover food out on a big table
with ziploc bags and plastic containers, and have a herald announce
that all food is free to grab. Cooks who wanted to keep something
already have done so before they left the kitchen. Anything left over
after that is either dumped or given away to people staying for
cleanup. We've had a few events held at churches where they would keep
the food for charity.

> which pots were owned by the hosting barony or individuals or were the site's.

We've never had site pots - not in the few years we've done cleanup
anyway. We have our own, and expect individuals to claim their own
pots, or they're packed with the Barony's things!

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