[Sca-cooks] OOP: Poutine Festival in Montreal

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 28 17:09:36 PDT 2008

Well, i'm listening to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting) and they just 
announced that this Saturday Drummondville, outside Montreal, is 
having a Festival de la Poutine  - poutine = French fries covered 
with gravy and topped with melting curd cheese - or these three 
ingredients in some other order ;-)

I know that silly season on this list is "officially" over, now that 
Pennsic's done, so sorry for annoying those who are not fans of 
poutine (i've never had it so i can't take a position on the stuff).

Apparently putting cheese curds on fries developed around 1957, but 
the exact spot is still under dispute. Then  a short time later some 
someone in Drummondville added "patate sauce".

The CBC was interviewing a professor about it - the interviewer 
confessed she didn't care for poutine, finding it greasy and heavy. 
Professor Routledge (sp?), the interviewee, said he could take her to 
places in Montreal that would change her mind about poutine. So all 
poutine is not created equal...
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