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A capybara is a very large rodent, I believe it is native to South and 
possibly Central America. About as large as a medium-sized pig, as I recall.
Kinda cute, actually... I wonder if any of the big ones were native to 
Florida? We had a lot of very large mammals in Florida, from the blurb on 
Fossil Vertebrates of Florida it's a distinct possibility, have to look it 
Ok, that's enough channeling the geologist-in-training, I'm going to bed 
now. Hold a good thought for those in the path of Gustav.
Isabella de la Gryffin

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.
Frank Zappa

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like 
administering medicine to the dead.
Thomas Paine
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> Someone said back in late July:
> <<< If they are, they are in violation of the current law in California
> which bans the sale of horse meat for human consumption. It has been
> that way for some years now after a ballot initiative enacting that
> insanity was passed. I forget exactly when that was but it is in  force 
> now. >>>
> To which niccolo difrancesco responded:
> <<< Speaking with the experience of having been local Police 
> Commissioner, "in
> force" and activelly "enforced" are two different legislative and police
> realities.  Drop a dime (or quarter or 50-cent piece) on them, and  you 
> may
> get an investigation on a slow shift.  Probably not a high priority  for 
> men
> with badges to run sting operations.  That makes me curious whether 
> Georgia
> has any such food prohibitions.  I know we can eat legally squirrels,
> opossum, armadillo, muskrat, beaver and capybara . . . not sure about 
> horse
> and other domisticateds like dog, cat and guinea pig.
> niccolo difrancesco
> (yes, we had a "wild" capybara trapped in our city) >>>
> Okay, you "can eat legally squirrels,
> opossum, armadillo, muskrat, beaver and capybara" but can you sell  these 
> meats? The above statement was that you couldn't *sell*  horsemeat. It 
> didn't say you couldn't *eat* it, right?
> Since armadillos can carry rabies (I believe), I'm a bit surprised  that 
> you can legally eat them.
> What is "capybara"? Is that a type of wild pig/javalina?
> Stefan
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