[Sca-cooks] Suggestions for coffee house reception, was: Interesting, OOP NY Times Food History article...

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 1 03:39:31 PST 2008

> Susan Fox wrote:
>Speaking of non-SCA authenticity... Renata and I are
catering the 
>after-reception for a talk on 50's Coffee Houses.  I
got my black 
>clothes and beret in order, what do we serve with the
strong black 
>coffee?  Charles Perry has suggested baklava, which
was a fabulous 
>new discovery at the time, usually over-syruped as
all get-out.  Oh, 
>and carrot cake.  Any other notions?

Coffee houses where? I have no clue about America, but
I do have some good German recipe and manners books
that reflect 'Kaffeehaus' tastes of the time.
Basically, you want cakes - rolled-up 'logs' were
fashionable, as was everything dipped in chocolate or
filled with whipped cream. This is also the time when
Blackforest gateau became a cafe staple. Bienenstich
(Bee-sting cake), too, was already popular (and has
remained so to this day). I haven't yet found many of
the cream/fruit confections that I used to love as a
kid - children back then were more likely given a puff
pastry or butter pastry confection ('sow's ears' or
'Americans' were popular). There is a recipe for a
basic 'common ancestor' Quarktorte, though.

All of this applies to German and, to a degree,
Austrian coffee houses. In all cases, local
specialties (such as Linzertorte, Frankfurter Kranz
etc) would also have been served. 



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