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Flatbread recipe from the Andalusian, with our worked out version:

Recipe for Folded Bread from Ifriqiyya
Andalusian p. A-59

Take coarsely ground good semolina and divide it 
into three parts. Leave one third aside and knead 
the other two well and it is made from it. Roll 
out thin bread and grease it. Sprinkle some of 
the remaining semolina on top and fold over it 
and roll it up. Then roll it out a second time 
and grease it, sprinkle some semolina on top and 
fold it over like muwarraqa (puff pastry). Do 
this several times until you use up the remaining 
third of the semolina. Then put it in the oven 
and leave it until it sets. Remove it when tender 
but not excessively so. If you want, cook the 
flatbreads at home in the tajine. Then crumble it 
and with the crumbs make a tharid like fatir, 
either with milk like tharid laban, which is 
eaten with butter and sugar, or with chicken or 
other meat broth, upon which you put fried meat 
and a lot of fat. Dust it with cinnamon and serve 

3 c semolina	~ 1/4 c olive oil	2/3 c water

Knead 2 c of semolina with the water for about 10 
minutes, until smooth. Roll out to about 12"x12". 
Spread with about 2 t oil, sprinkle on 2-3 T 
semolina. Fold in half, roll up, mash together. 
Repeat about five more times, until all the last 
cup of semolina is used up.

Roll out to about 12"x10". Bake in 300° oven for 
about 50 minutes, until baked but not crisp 
(except thin parts).

>Why not try Doc's medievalcookery.com and search there?
>*An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook*
>(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
>The original source can be found at David Friedman's website
>Pat Griffin wrote:
>>  Would you please post the recipes?  In English if possible, or in the
>>  original if not.
>>  Lady Anne du Bosc Known as Mordonna The Cook
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>>  Subject: [Sca-cooks] flat bread
>>  someone wrote:
>>>  The 13th Muslim-Andalusian MS has two recipes for flat bread:
>>>      Tharda with Flat Breads in a Tajine
>>>      Tunisian Qursa (Small Round Flat Bread) According to Another Recipe
>>  What is the query?
>>  Suey
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