[Sca-cooks] PPC 84 / doughnuts

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 8 12:42:54 PST 2008

Is there a chance to get the article scanned in from you?

Not having read the article, it might be worth thinking about what the author means by 'something x is an ancestor to something y'. (His words or yours?)

> was an ancestor to

> He quotes from various historic texts, but he does not document
> [at least in my opinion] any of his theories. 

Just in case he wants to say that some historical thing x is similar to what is called nowadays "doughnut", quoting a passage about x is documenting that opinion, if the quoted passage supports the claim of similarity.
> olyoek
There is one google passage of this word form which might be relevant.

Re: contacting the editor. I don't think the editor is the first person to contact. The first person is the author. Assuming that there are not several persons with the name mentioned:


Do you think that Krapfen is an ancestor to doughnut?


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