[Sca-cooks] Lent Approaches

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Oh, yes, HFCS is one of the biggies - no Coca Cola!!! (Although Passover is
coming soon, I might be able to find some Kosher Cokes that are made with
sugar ;) ). More insidious than that are the myriad chemicals derived from
corn that don't have the word "corn" in the name - maltodextrin for example.
I have worked with many people that have corn allergies (or children with
them) and realize how many products contain some sort of corn.  Michael
Poullan in his book "The Omnivore's Dilemma" basically says every molecule
of our body is made from corn at this point, due to the fact that everything
we eat has either been fed corn, processed with corn, or contains corn as an
I actually don't think I am allergic to corn (the blood type diet says it is
a 'neutral' food for me) but I am interested in eliminating the many
derivatives of it from my diet, especially the HFCS.  
And yes, I fell off the wagon the first morning - used some BBQ sauce and
realized that I should check the label - sure enough, HFCS was the second
ingredient - dang it!  Just goes to show how it shows up in everything!
Thanks for your words of encouragement,

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You might want to be sure to check the label for high fructose corn syrup!
In fact HFCS is in many many processed foods.. could put a crimp in your
But I admire you for trying medieval Lenten practices! Betsy

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I've decided to try giving up corn in all its various forms.  It is one of
the foods I've wanted to try an elimination diet on, it takes the form of a
lot of sugars I don't need in processed foods I want to avoid, and it is a
new world food so goes along with the period aspect of it as well. I've been
planning a cleanse, so I'm going to start on next Wednesday and time it
along with Lent.  
I may celebrate on Tuesday with a Coke and some popcorn!


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