[Sca-cooks] Lent Approaches

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Sat Feb 9 12:24:38 PST 2008

I haven't seen that for sale around here--RC, yes, but not in a bottle.  I've had to largely swear off that stuff for the time being, although I wasn't a huge consumer of it.  Just adding too many empty calories to my food plan, and switching to some diet version means adding too many vile chemicals (and I don't like the taste of any artificial sweeteners I've run across...nutrasweet being the least objectionable, taste-wise, but it tends to give me headaches).
Some of us down here in northern Artemisia used to arrange a trade with counterparts in Avacal (directly north of us).  They'd give us Canadian Coke, and we'd give them American Mountain Dew.....
Obligatory Food Content: Going to the grocery store today, and going to pick up some nice tuna, and try Adele's recipe....mmmmm.....
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  > As far as the Coke goes...try getting some from Canada.  They use  
  > real sugar....mmmmmm.....
  > --Maire

  If one does the fizzy-water thing, it's pretty hard to beat Royal  
  Crown Draft Premium in the long-necked glass bottle...


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