[Sca-cooks] Benedictiones ad mensas (11th c.)

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Sun Feb 10 13:30:30 PST 2008

The "Benedictiones ad mensas" are online in an 11th c. manuscript which is said to be an autograph:


Scroll down to manuscript no 393 in the left frame:

Cod. Sang. 393
Composite manuscript - poetic works of the St. Gallen monk Ekkehart IV. (autograph)

"Liber Benedictionum" by Ekkehard IV. Collection of his personal poetic
works that he probably began during his time as a monastery pupil and
constantly revised until the end of his life. The manuscript is written
completely by Ekkehard IV. and is one of the few known autographs of
the early Middle Ages (ca. 1010-1060). It contains inter alia the
"Benedictiones super lectores per circulum anni" (poetry for the
different feastdays of the year), the "Benedictiones ad mensas"
(benedictions of different foods and drinks), the "Versus ad picturas
domus domini Mogontinae" (verses on the projected picture series for
the Cathedral of Mainz), "Versus ad picturas claustri sancti Galli"
(verses for the [projected] picture series for the cloister [?] in the
monastery of St. Gallen) and the Latin translation of the Old High
German "Galluslied" by Ratpert.


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