[Sca-cooks] Wonderful news!

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 10 17:15:07 PST 2008

Hi everyone.
Thanks for the congratulations and welcome. I'm really happy and relieved for
this to be happening. I've been working a long time for this honor and a major
part of who I am as a cook and hopefully as a Laurel is dedicated to you people.
You have taught me over the years the value of period food, helped me with
questions and we have all learned and grown with our discussions. I started this
list thinking I knew what I was doing and quickly realized I didn't know a bloody
thing. It has also been a little strange dealing with such amazing and knowledgable
people and me not being a Laurel. I've been as much your apprentice as I have
to the two wonderful ladies who took me on and did some serious cheerleading
on my behalf this year.
I've been informed there will be a recieption at Gulf Wars so if anyone is there
and wants to come by they are more than welcome. I am also going to have
a reception at Steppes Warlord to visit with folk. This isn't my idea but basically
I haven't had a say in anything since I said "yes". 
So, thank you for your congratulations and for teaching me so very much
these......hell I don't even know how many years I've been running this.
I've been your student and will continue to be.
Count Gunthar Jonsson
Knight, Baron
List Administrator
Oh, and Mistress Talana, I'm really embarassed!
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