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> I thought Blue Point is, or was, a geographical location in Long
> Island Sound, so I'm wondering if this is a misnomer, or if somebody's
> been returning the favor and little baby oysters have been
> transplanted. Maybe not an optimal situation but vastly preferable to
> some of the alternatives.

I dunno.  I do know that that's what they're called elsewhere...I remember
going to a fancy restaurant in Detroit and being told that they had a VERY
special appetizer for that evening...Blue Point oysters from Broome's
Island, MD...after I finished laughing, to the great puzzlement of the
waitress, I explained that I lived about 10 miles from Broome's Island!  I'm
not sure I've heard them referred to that way here, but oysters are
indigenous to the entire Bay.  In fact, there are entire communities, like
Tangier Island, where, up until recently, the entire economy was based on
the watermen.  It's so isolated that there are only passenger ferries that
go to it, and some of the older inhabitants still speak Elizabethan
English!  But, because of the condition of the Bay...and, it must be
admitted, overfishing, crabs and oysters have been on the decline.

> It would be heavenly to undo some of the harm that's been done to the
> local ecosystem...

The best way to do this is to talk to your legislators, requiring them to
support legislation that regulates emissions and those things that infect
the waters around your area, like industry dumping of waste and farmers' use
of fertilizers.  Also,  get them to make sure that existing laws are being


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