[Sca-cooks] Gunthar's reception.....

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 11 10:45:54 PST 2008

I didn't want to sound like I have no respect or knowledge of
vigils. Just that I've done the vigil thing once being as I've
been a knight for nearly 20 years and a Royal for almost 10.
So I feel for me personally to be sitting all in white while other
folk come in to dispense wisdom seems a bit much. Also, this
may come as a surprise to some of you, but I'm a bit shy 
and having a big deal like this made over me is kind of 
I offered to do the food and Elizabeth vetoed that suggestion
as well. So, I'll consent to having a get-together with food
and drink and conversation and I'll kind of mingle. More of a
gathering of friends than a celebration of me. I'm okay with
What I had envisioned if I ever became a Laurel was to ask
people to suggest dishes I'd made before to reproduce for a
buffet for a party. But......"certain people" won't even let
me do that.
I guess that's for the best. I need to worry about reproducing
this display for Gulf Wars now.
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