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> > Master A, What is the difference between a chivalry peerage and 
> a > non- chivalry peerage.....Please?> Phillipa
>I'm not Master Adamantius but I may have some ideas about
>the difference.
>Chivalry elevation has tended to be a bit more structured and
>formalized in the past. This is in part because there were knighting
>vigils in period and no such animal for Laurels and Pelicans. Of
>course, there were no such animals as Laurels and Pelicans either.

However, according to Corpora, the three Orders are equal in rank. 
The use of a chivalry-based vigil and ceremony is perfectly 
consistent with the Game as we play it- or at least how we say (in 
_writing_) we play it.

>The Chivalry has been a bit jealous over their traditions and felt
>that people attempting to make their elevation ceremonies match
>a knighting were "overstepping their bounds" in a way.

Hard to overstep your own rank, no?

>I don't plan on sitting in a little tent as people come in to tell
>me about being a Peer or even a Laurel. I would prefer to hang
>out with everyone, maybe in a chair in the corner and talk to those
>who come by.

A lot of vigils are low key like that. For Katrine and I, it was a 
bit like letting Society know that we were 'At Home' to receive 
visitors. (Drop your calling card on the butler's plate like a dear.)

>Of course I have absolutely no say in the matter
>because my wails protests are totally ignored by the people doing
>the real work on this.

Gunthar- lie back and think of England.


"It is our choices Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than 
our abilities."  -Albus Dumbledore

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