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Ja, the Scoops Pelican beanie baby has been the Pelevation gift of 
choice since its 1996 debut. It's becoming a rarer find though not too 
expensive, eBay can usually supply our needs.  Or, just find the state 
quarter for Louisiana, that's got a pelican on [natural though, not In 
Her Piety].

I've also got a few other pelican specimens around the house, including 
a clear plastic one with a gold fish visible inside its beak, and a big 
plaster pelican-on-a-pier-stump in the front of my little front-yard, in 
the Enchanted Tiki Apartment Complex.

Laurels have the whole Fred Perry clothing/shoe line to play with, so go 
google that and have fun.


> Artemisian Pelicans just adopted it....Oooh, look....a job to do! Shiny! Mine, mineminemine.....
> A "Nigel" toy would have been sweet, but I've got two toy Pelicans anyway--one's a Beanie Baby, and the other one of a number of various birds done by the Coca-Cola company for some promotional thing.  I have friends who have entire collections of them in various forms.
> I need me some laurel toys, though....(oooooh....evyl thought....I know *just* what to get Papa.....bwahahahahahaaaa)
> --Maire
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>   > We're running a special this week on land-based, predatory, raptor- 
>   > like seagulls...
>   >
>   > Adamantius
>   Ever since FINDING NEMO, us Pelicans are wary of seagulls.  Greedy, 
>   grasping creatures, crowding around crying "Mine!  Mine!  Mine!"  
>   Downright traumatic.
>   Selene, who is still pretty cranky that Disney never offered a Nigel toy
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