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Tue Feb 12 15:04:38 PST 2008

I'm not sure how long it has been going on, but here in The West, 
Laurels and Pelicans generally sit vigils and swear fealty, as do 
Knights, and that's considered normal.

I've cooked for some vigils here... so that LOOOOONG line of folks 
with good wishes and, hopefully, good advice, will have something 
with which to fortify themselves either before or after their long 
stand in line.

Of course, Laurels and Pelicans do not get the buffet (final "t" 
pronounced). I remember the gasp in the audience during "Kingdom of 
Heaven", other wise not a remarkable movie except for how out of 
period the Middle Eastern costumes were (19th C. Ottoman on Baldwin's 
sister), while we SCAdians knew it was pretty normal.

And Laurels and Pelicans don't swear fealty on the Sword of State or 
any other sword, at least not in my limited experience.
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