[Sca-cooks] Beverage experiments

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I'm the major coffee maker in camp--partly out of self-preservation, but also because I'm almost always the first one up.  About a third to a half of us actually partake.  I splurge and get the good stuff (organic, shade-grown, and *strong*).....Julianna, bless her heart, doesn't drink the stuff, but does bring the coffee pots and carafe....
Just last year, the coffee led to the "1st Miracle of Saint Maire," or so I was informed by Vicountess Katlin in the neighboring kitchen at Uprising last year....She's as staunch a consumer of brewed bean water as am I, but they managed to forget their coffee, and it wasn't coming up from SLC with Maikeru-sama until that weekend....So I shared.  <g>
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  Gunthar feeds me coffee in camp for his sanity and everyone else's.  No one needs to know what's in my mug -- only that it makes me a reasonable, rational human being who can interact with others.

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    You know, sometimes it is better to simply be discreet than to try to 
  make excuses. My morning breakfast tea is a public safety measure. 

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