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Seems my original reply didn't make it to the list. I'm also at home now, so
I do have the book on hand.  Pardon if you already saw this:

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>And that is a research project of mine. I got a book called "Harvest of 
>the Cold Months" by Elizabeth David, that the first few chapters deal 
>with pre 17th century ice trade & storage. They used much the same 
>strategies as found in the 19th century ice houses and the much earlier 
>ice pits. I found one tourism website (All the information I have at 
>home, not at work) that speaks of a room that is lower than street 
>level, that was used for ice storage I'm thinking in the 15th century. 
>It was finding comments about beverages being cooled with ice/snow that 
>has prompted me into researching how it was stored. Mostly I'm just at 
>the gathering information stage, and I do not have much written down. 
>As to where they got the ice, it is mentioned transporting it down from 
>the mountains. The volcanic areas of the region are also potential 
>sources for ice caves. I saw an ice cave in Idaho many years ago 
>(before I heard of the SCA) that a nearby town (about
>4 miles) away used to advertise beer on ice in the summers during the 
>19th century. I have been also trying to find reference to ice caves in 
>Europe and have found a few so far.

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I have always understood that it was from the mountains and was stored in
ice cellars but I have no docs. on this


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>  I think it is worth
>mentioniong that the use of ice to cool drinks was commonly practiced in
>the Mediterranean area.

In the summer? Where did they get the ice and how did they store it?

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