[Sca-cooks] Beverage experiments

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Wed Feb 13 16:57:38 PST 2008

>At 03:16 PM 2/13/2008, you wrote:
>>See, now I'm stuck with this image in my head of two serfs working in
>>the fields, working up a good sweat in the sun. They pause briefly,
>>and one of them says to the other, "You know whatte? I coulde doe wyth
>>a couple of luke-warm ones ri3t aboutte nowe. Howe aboutte you?"
>>Adamanti... errr... Phlip
>Uh, if they're smart, they've put their jug in the creek next to the
>fields. Running water does a really good job of cooling things off.

Another probably period technique is to have the liquid in a 
container being cooled by evaporation. One way recorded in the Middle 
East in the 19th century, and I suspect going much farther back, is 
water in the sort of clay container that lets a little of the water 
soak through and evaporate.
David Friedman

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