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> > Anybody who is willing to come in and deal with things when I am 
> > brainfried
> > and tired is SO BLESSED.
> Well, thank you :-) The local cooks' guild must thinks so too since 
> they 
> gave me an offical apron and offered me to join...

One of my favorite times was at a small midwinter coronet in Juneau, Alaska. The local cooks had beaten themselves up providing an exquisite feast (not period, but this was years before we knew much about that), and had just taken themselves off the bed, muttering "we'll take care of it in the morning." The counters were covered with dirty dishes (although the food had been put away).

So I put some dishes in to soak, and then cleared a corner of the counter and set it up for draining/drying dishes. I washed the soaking ones, stacked them, and put more in to soak, then cleared the next area. And so on until I was done.

It was with great delight I heard the cooks in the morning, groaning in anticipation as they approached the kitchen, only to be faced with clean dishes waiting for them. I don't think anyone ever told them who did it, which made it all the more fun.

I've been on both sides, and always appreciated it when others came in to clean up.

Morgana yr Oerfa

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