[Sca-cooks] Maslin recipes for bread machines?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Feb 14 09:19:43 PST 2008

jenne at fiedlerfamily.net wrote:
>We've started making our bread for general consumption in the two (a
>one-pound and a one-and-a-half pound) breadmakers we have around the
>house. I've tried the "Rye" bread recipes in the booklets that came with
>the breadmakers and wasn't satisfied, though the plain white and some of
>the wheat breads were quite acceptable.
>We've got medium-dark rye flour on hand as well as King Arthur Bread
>flour. We do have gluten additive.
>Does anyone have any good maslin (rye and wheat) bread recipes that have
>worked for them?
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I don't specifically have any recipes but I can give a few pointers 
on what to look for.

100% rye bread has no gluten, it relies on various starch complexes 
for its structure and not protein. This results in a soft dough that 
produces a loaf that has a lot softer texture than a wheat bread.

If your proportions of rye and wheat flour are somewhere around 1 to 
1, the dough should work fine in your bread machine.

Also, I would highly recommend perusing a copy of the Bread Bible by 
Beth Hensperger (ISBN 9780811845267)

That book has a number of recipes adapted to the bread machine, I'm 
not sure (without looking at it) if it has eomething specifically 
like you are looking for but I seem to recall something similar. You 
could also simply do some experiments, start with a good wheat based 
bread and substitute rye flour in varying proportions to see what you get.


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