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Although I give wikipedia articles a standard grain of salt, it does have a
reference and a picture of an ice pit in Iran.


I'm would presume that the ice pits evolved into what became more prominent
of ice houses in the 17th-19th century. 

Also, Elizabeth David's books gives diagrams of how the ice pits were
constructed as well as a reference to a cuneiform texts in Mespotamia
describing an ice pit. The book does describe the use of straw and prunings
of tress being used as a means to insulate the ice.

The ISBN for "Harvest of the Cold Months" is 0-670-85975-3, it is a very
good read.


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On Feb 14, 2008, at 11:46 AM, Dragon wrote:

> David Friedman wrote:
>>> I think it is worth
>>> mentioniong that the use of ice to cool drinks was commonly  
>>> practiced in
>>> the Mediterranean area.
>> In the summer? Where did they get the ice and how did they store it?
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> Sure, you get it out of the mountains during the winter and store it
> in ice houses dug into the ground and insulated with straw just like
> was done in the U.S. before the invention of artificial refrigeration.
> Dragon

Yes, but do we have any actual evidence it was done? You've  
demonstrated it was possible...

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