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Is this to be a sitdown feast or walk through buffet? Do you have a generic
theme or area specific?
I understand that you want to keep things simple but you have a lot of
Perhaps you might consider veggies instead of the carrot pie.
>From the florilegium:
This recipe is from Terence Scully's latest cookbook: Early French Cooking.
This recipe is a redaction from the Menagier de Paris.

Honey Glazed Vegetables:
for 5 lbs vegetables:

1 lb each (or chose any mix of a total = 5 lbs).

Turnips, carrots, squash (I used zucchini, i know its not period but it
really worked in the recipe and Scully listed it), fennel root, parsley root
and/or parsnip.

cook all vegetables in a pot with a little water, bring to boil and cook
until almost tender.  Add 20 tablespoons honey (1 1/4 cups). Reduce heat and
stir. Simmer until liquid has almost evaporated. Shake the pan to assure
honey is coating all the vegetables.

I did this dish for the Noble's Dinner at Bryn Gwlad's fall event. Itwas a
success.  Give it a try.


I have seen people just use carrots and some have added a dach of ginger to


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Our Local college group has finally set a date etc.. so we'reworkign on a
menu now... several thigns have been suggested, but now I'm looking for
specific recipes.? Last time I sent Florilegium articles off the college
severs "ate" them

here are a few of the recipes I'm looking for:

A Mushroom tart
Carrot Pie
Ginger Pea soup
Sauces for Roast Beef
Cock-a Leekie (sp?) soup
Pies Of Paris
Savory toasted Cheese
Marlboro tarts

Please Note that due to allergies in our shire all nuts, as well as sesame
seeds are off limits.

With Many thanks!


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