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You can find some of those in the Miscellany, webbed at:


I don't think Cock-a-Leekie is period--more precisely, I don't think 
there is a known period recipe for it. There's a reference somewhere 
to someone travelling in Scotland being served something that, with a 
sufficiently vivid imagination, can be conjectured to be 
cock-a-leekie, but so far as I know that's it.

However I will be happy to be corrected by someone with better information

>Our Local college group has finally set a date etc.. so we'reworkign 
>on a menu now... several thigns have been suggested, but now I'm 
>looking for specific recipes.? Last time I sent Florilegium articles 
>off the college severs "ate" them
>here are a few of the recipes I'm looking for:
>A Mushroom tart
>Carrot Pie
>Ginger Pea soup
>Sauces for Roast Beef
>Cock-a Leekie (sp?) soup
>Pies Of Paris
>Savory toasted Cheese
>Marlboro tarts
>Please Note that due to allergies in our shire all nuts, as well as 
>sesame seeds are off limits.
>With Many thanks!
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