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David Friedman wrote:
> >David Friedman wrote:
> >>  >  I think it is worth
> >>  >mentioniong that the use of ice to cool drinks was commonly practiced in
> >>  >the Mediterranean area.
> >>
> >>In the summer? Where did they get the ice and how did they store it?
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> >
> >Sure, you get it out of the mountains during the winter and store it
> >in ice houses dug into the ground and insulated with straw just like
> >was done in the U.S. before the invention of artificial refrigeration.
>That's certainly possible, and there is a mention of bringing ice
>down from the mountains in the _Ain i Akbari_. On the other hand, it
>sounds like an awfully expensive way of getting your ice, unless
>there happens to be water transport available for bringing it down.
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Maybe so, but remember that before our day of modern mechanized 
conveyances a lot of very labor-intensive things were done and built 
by human sweat. Need I remind anyone of the Roman road system, the 
Great Wall of China, the Pyramids?

Throughout much of history, labor was considered to be cheap and 
hauling ice from a mountain on human back or mule back would not have 
been considered too much to do to supply the privileged with a luxury 


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