[Sca-cooks] Current farm prices and their effects

Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 16 17:08:32 PST 2008

Ranvaig wrote:
> And how much of the cost for a loaf of bread is from the wheat? They are talking about changes from around $15 to $20 per BUSHEL.> > A bushel of wheat is 60 pounds or about 40 loaves of bread. So for each loaf of bread about 12 cents more goes to the farmer. I don't think that is going to break anyone. >
Did you ever read Frank Norris's short story "A Deal in Wheat"?  It's spooky because it could so easily happen - and was written over a century ago.  It gives a stark example of how speculators can manipulate a commodity to the detriment of everyone but themselves.
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